Agenda – Picture paths

Agenda – Picture paths
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After this era of restriction of our liberties attributed to the necessity of well being, during which artwork has been diminished and humbled in all its varieties, journey Picture pathsIt continues in 2022.

“We consider on this and the rising significance of this four-month competition, which is on its solution to turning into a vacationer vacation spot, is a far cry from the idea we’re growing.
We consider on this and the rising significance of this 4-month competition within the technique of turning into a vacationer vacation spot is basically on account of the truth that the idea we’re growing is way from improper, however quite tailored to the truth of our territory and its actors and even perhaps of an unknown well being future. For the ninth yr in a row, on the hills, from the Canal du Midi to Plavilla and Hounoux, from Escueillens to Cenne-Monestiés, from Castelnaudary to Arzens, from Bram to Belpech, there are uncommon paths … The Routes of Images. Yearly, in giant format, within the open air, with free entry.

Dates to recollect

June 1 to September 30: Out of doors galleries
June 11: Pals Bus
June 25: Opening in Belpech
July 9-17: The Villesiscle RDV
July 15-17: Professional HANS LUCAS days
July 9, 15, 16: Evenings within the open air
June 1 to November 30: Picture in all its states in Belpech
October 2: Belpech. Gear and picture change

Full program for 2022

OUTSIDE THE FIELDSApril 2-17, “Spring Exhibition Asserting Summer time
Artwork and Tradition Area, Essarts in Bram Park.

OUTDOOR GALLERIES from June 1 to September 30
4 paths and 20 bogs.

Pals busSaturday, June eleventh
A nice day to go to the exhibitions.

Episode between the viewers, the photographers, the Hans Lucas studio photographs,

ZOOM on … ”America
Photographs from elsewhere take to the streets of Belpech.

Arzens’s budding photographers seem.

For a MEMORY of the mountains, residence in Plavilla. “La boite bleue” with the group of photographers.

Financial actors are exhibiting their place.

de Belpech, le 2 octobre To shut the competition in magnificence.

Alaigne, Arzens, Belpech, Bram, Castelnaudary, Cazalrenoux, Cambieure, Cenne-Monestiés, Escueillens, Fanjeaux, Fenouillet du Razès, Génerville,
La Pressure, Laurac, Malviès, Orsans, Pech-Luna, Plavilla, Saint Gaudéric, Villasavary, Villesiscle.

Sensible info

Picture paths
June 1, 2022, September 30, 2022
Greater than 100 exhibitions in 20 cities within the Aude area
A61-Departures: 21-Castelnaudary; 22 – Bram; 23 – Carcassonne
A66 – Mazères exit -> Belpech
Everlasting reception from 1 June to 30 September: Tenting Les Brugues

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