Halle Berry responded to another netizen who confused her with Halle Bailey from The Little Mermaid

    Left: Halle Bailey as Ariel sings in The Little Mermaid.  Right: Halle Berry on a spaceship in Moonfall.
Left: Halle Bailey as Ariel sings in The Little Mermaid. Right: Halle Berry on a spaceship in Moonfall.

It’s understandable why people would want to confuse iconic actress Halle Berry and singer-turned-Disney princess Halle Bailey because of their similar names. Although regarding who would play Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of the film Little Mermaid confusion makes less sense. And Halle Berry responded again to this name confusion.

This has happened before, since the two actresses have the same first and last initials, it’s understandable that people would be confused. Halle Berry once answered that in a classy way saying she’s excited to see Halle Bailey take on the role. This time the confusion went a little further, not long after first trailer for Little Mermaid rejected, when a user posted on Twitter:

Halle Berry is almost 60 years old and plays the role of a 16-year-old girl. This is what happens when you upset the fandom.

Where Berry replied with a photo of a woman with a blank stare, who honestly looks quite done with the situation, I think. You can check it out for yourself below, thanks to the actress’ personal social networks.

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Obviously, Little Mermaid he didn’t intend to cast a 56-year-old actress as a teenage princess. It is much more logical that they assigned the role of the young mermaid to Halle Bailey, who is 22 years old.

Although Berry is no Bailey, both actresses were incredibly successful and took on iconic roles. Berry played Storm The X-Men and Catwoman in the film of the same name, leaving a mark on the superhero genre. Meanwhile, Bailey appears on the scene as Ariel.

This role for Bailey, and for movies in general, is a big deal. Bailey made history when Disney hired her, as she was the first black actress to take on the role of a live-action princess. She talked about how she is “grateful” that she “invented” Ariel. said the actress she became emotional seeing herself on screen with mermaid tail for the first time.

While it was racist backlash from her actingBailey has spoken about the support she’s received from her family, and since the trailer came out, it’s clear her performance is having a positive impact. Parents filmed their black daughters watching Bailey sing “Part of Your World” for the first time. Seeing these kids react with such joy shows how important it is to see representation on screen, and Bailey can do that in Little Mermaid.

Berry also made history in the film industry, like Bailey. She was the first black actress to win an Oscar for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Monster’s Ball. On top of that, Berry is also a household name, having appeared in superhero movies as well as John Wick and Kingsman franchise.

Both women are powerful and have super exciting projects ahead of them. Berry has two Film releases in 2022 with The fall of the moon earlier this year and The Mothershipwhich is expected later this year. Little Mermaid it is provided in Disney’s upcoming releases for 2023, and Bailey will also appear in the film adaptation of the award-winning musical Purple next year. So, be on the lookout for projects by the two Halles, but don’t mix them up because they are two very different people.

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