What is LIV Golf, who is playing and how can I see?

What is LIV Golf, who is playing and how can I see?
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After months of speculation, the opening ceremony of the Saudi-sponsored LIV Golf Course will take place this weekend, as we know it.

Phil Mikelsen became the latest player to officially join the Captain Club in St. Albans this week. The six-time champions are set to end a four-month break following a series of bomb blasts. And secession led by Greg Norman.

Mikelsen apologizes, apologizes to Saudi Arabian journalist for “horrific report on human rights abuses”

PGA Tour players respond by suspending their own event Ian Poulter has appealed.

LIV Golf brings new competition rules and big prize money to the field. Here is everything you need to know.

What is LIV Golf?

New League Reports

The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, which is financially supported, has a clear relationship with the Saudi government and has been criticized by human rights groups such as Amnesty International.

But it has long been considered a bargaining chip in the traditional PGA and DP World Tours and has no shape as the LIV Golf Series, which also introduces new competition rules and what the organizers say is a “fun” new format.

What are the rules?

The LIV Golf Series events will play in 72 days with 54 holes, rather than the usual four-day event with 72 holes. There will be no cuts, so the 48 players who start the week will play all three rounds.

Individual and group competitions will also be held at the same event. The singles competition is usually won by a player who hits the lowest point with more than 54 holes.

The tournament, however, is made up of 12 teams with four players, with the team captains selecting the teams before the start of the Snake Draft Center club. Groups also have their own unique names and logos.

The two best personal goals scored in the opening two rounds are counted as a total of the team, the top three are combined in the third and final round. At the end of the third round, the team with the lowest overall score wins.

When does it start and is it on TV?

The second round will kick off on Thursday, June 10 at 2pm.

LIV Golf has not yet been selected by major broadcasters in the UK.

But the action will be broadcast live on the LIV Golf YouTube channel and on Facebook.

Where will the first event take place?

LIV Golf London is playing at the Centre Club between Hemell Hempsted and St. Albans in Hartford.

How does the season work?

The LIV Golf London event at the Centurion Club is the first of seven ‘regular season’ events to be held in the first year, and the end of the season will be the final event of the season.

The 12-team tournament will feature a four-day tie to determine the winner.

An individual champion is crowned using points accumulated during the seven ‘regular season’ events.

  • LIV Golf London, Captain Club – June 9-11
  • LIV Golf Portland, Pumpkin Ridge – June 30 – July 2
  • LIV Golf Bedminster, Trump National – July 29-31
  • LIV Golf Boston, Greater Boston – September 2-4
  • LIV Golf Chicago, Rich Harvest Fields – September 16-18
  • LIV Golf Bangkok, Stonehill – October 7-9
  • LIV Golf Jeddah, Royal Greens – October 14-16
  • LIV Golf Miami, Trump National Doral – October 27-30

What is a prize fund?

Each regular season will have a prize pool of $ 25 million – each player on the field will receive a discount, $ 4m guaranteed first and $ 120,000 for the final place. Of the $ 25 million, $ 5 million will be distributed among the top three teams.

In total, the top three players in the singles tournament will receive $ 30 million, with the overall winner receiving $ 18 million, the runners-up $ 8 million and the runners-up $ 4 million.

The team that finished the season had a prize money of $ 50 million, with the winning team splitting $ 16 million and the final team winning $ 1 million. Each player receives a 25 percent discount.

By comparison, the winner of the PGA Championship, one of the four major categories of golf, receives $ 3m out of a total prize money of $ 15m.

Who is playing?

The big names are Phil Mikelson, Dustin Johnson, Graham McDowell, Ian Poter, Lee Westwood, Luis Ostuizen, Martin Keimer, Sergio García, Charles Schwartzell and Kevin.

Full playlist

The full list is as follows:

Dustin Johnson (13)

Louis Osthuyzen (20)

Kevin Na (33)

Talor Gook (35)

Sergio García (54)

Pablo Larazabal (65)

Richard Blaine (66)

Matt Jones (68)

Shaun Norris (69)

Phil Mikelsen (71)

Sam Horsefield (72)

Lee Westwood (74)

Rio Kinoshita (87)

Ian Polter (89)

Bernd Wisberger (T-90)

Hudson Swaford (T-90)

Oliver Baker (93)

Ginichiro Kozuma (103)

Scott Vincent (109)

Justin Harding (111)

Lauri Canter (114)

Brandon Grace (118)

Charles Schwartzel (120)

Sodom Kaucanajana (125)

Henny du Plexis (128)

Fachara Hongwatmai (133)

Sihwan Kim (138)

Jesse Richie (154)

Adrian Otagi (162)

Hideto Thanihara (173)

Martin Kemer (210)

Jediyah Morgan (235)

Blast Wind (250)

TK Chantananuwat (272)

Wad Ormsby (276)

Peter Uhline (319)

Graham McDowell (376)

Turkey Petit (706)

Oliver Fisher (979)

Andy Augletry (1,324)

Chase Koepka (1,543)

David Pug (1,706)

James Piot (1,731)

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